Trust Us to Tame Your Trees

Choose Martinez Tree & Lawn Service for tree trimming services in Kansas City, MO

A yard that's filled with wild, overgrown trees is a messy yard. It doesn't matter how many beautiful flowers and fancy hardscaping features you add to your yard-if your trees are overgrown, your property will look sloppy.

Martinez Tree & Lawn Service, LLC can help you keep your trees under control with our tree trimming services in Kansas City, MO. We also handle tree limb removal, so we can get rid of heavy limbs that could be weighing down your tree.

How to keep your trees healthy and happy

How to keep your trees healthy and happy

Keeping your trees neat and tidy does more than just make them look beautiful; regular tree trimming services will also promote healthy tree growth. Staying on top of tree maintenance also prevents property damage. When trees get out of control, their branches get heavy. This can cause the branches to break and fall on your home or office.

With our tree limb removal services, we can prevent tree damage and keep your trees healthy for years to come. Call Martinez Tree & Lawn Service in Kansas City, MO today if you want healthy, beautiful trees that look great in your yard.