Add Decorative Mulch to Your Garden

Add Decorative Mulch to Your Garden

We offer mulching service in Independence, Kansas City, MO & Kansas City, KS

Decorative mulch is an essential part of any landscape design. Adding mulch can turn an unremarkable garden into an eye-catching outdoor feature. Mulching also offers a number of functional benefits; laying mulch in your garden is a great way to retain moisture, prevent weeds and ward off pests.

Call Martinez Tree & Lawn Service, LLC today to learn more about the advantages of adding decorative mulch to your property in Independence, Kansas City, MO or Kansas City, KS.

See how easy it is to upgrade your landscape with mulch

Your garden should look full and lush. Without mulch, it can look empty and neglected. Martinez Tree & Lawn Service makes it easy to take your landscape design to the next level with our mulching service. We will:

  • Clear out old mulch in your yard or garden
  • Lay down a black tarp to prevent weed growth
  • Install new decorative mulch
You won't believe how much better your property looks with new decorative mulch. Call Martinez Tree & Lawn Service today to schedule mulching service.