We'll Take Good Care of Your Yard

Ask about our lawn care services in Kansas City, MO

Martinez Tree & Lawn Service, LLC offers a complete range of lawn care services for property owners in Kansas City, Missouri. From mowing your overgrown grass to pulling out threatening weeds, we'll handle every aspect of lawn maintenance. Reach out to us today to schedule residential or commercial lawn care services.

Stay on top of lawn maintenance all year long

Stay on top of lawn maintenance all year long

Keeping up with lawn maintenance can be difficult, especially when your schedule gets really hectic. With Martinez Tree & Lawn Service, you can keep your property tidy year-round. We offer convenient service plans that make it easy to maintain a beautiful outdoor space in Kansas City, MO.

Our lawn maintenance plan includes:

  • Mowing your lawn
  • Picking up leaves and debris
  • Getting rid of weeds

Don't waste one more weekend on yardwork. Get in touch with us today to learn more about setting up recurring lawn care services.